Pet Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams...

Dogs and cats age much more quickly than humans and the gradual onset of disease in seemingly healthy pets will often go unnoticed. Regular wellness exams are very crucial to your pet's health, and help us diagnose and treat any issues in a timely manner. When symptoms do appear, the condition may be difficult to treat and can result in costly treatment. Regularly scheduled wellness exams are so important for your pet(s) overall quality of life.

Senior Wellness Exams...

We recommend a senior wellness program for the early detection and treatment of disease for our senior patients. Recent studies show that 20% of cats and dogs over the age of seven have serious undetected medical conditions. The field of veterinary medicine has changed, allowing a much greater life expectancy for your pets. Unfortunately along with the increase in life span comes a greater potential of age related illness. Please give us a call so we can discuss and start a senior wellness plan tailored to your pets individual needs.

What happens during a examination? 

During a wellness exam your pet is examined from head to tail, checking vital organs for bloating or pain, joints for any limited range of motion or discomfort, as well as checking your pets ears, eyes and teeth. During this time the veterinary might recommend further diagnostics such as lab tests or x-rays if there are any pressing irregularities at the time of the exam. To schedule your pet's wellness exam, contact our office today!

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